5 Reasons Why Toxic Relationships Are Karmic Lessons In Disguise

There are many forms of love and relationships. There is unconditional love, one-sided love, forbidden love, and then love that shakes us to the core. The ones that are often seen as toxic relationships.

7 min readMay 6, 2024

Many of us have faced the brunt of toxic relationships. We have found ourselves in the middle of a storm not knowing how to get out of it or if we will ever make it out alive.

Some relationships bring out the worst in you and sweep you away with strong emotions. They take away your peace, your sleep, your ability to think reasonably, and at times even your hopes and dreams.

Such relationships are often labeled as ‘toxic relationships’ and we console ourselves by convincing our hearts that it was them, not us.

However, The Holistic Living Spiritual Healer has an alternative opinion. She believes that toxic relationships never happen without a reason. They are here to open your eyes to some serious karmic lessons and help you heal the emotional blockages you have been carrying from your past lives.

“I have been working as a past life regression therapist for 40 years. 40 years is almost half a decade. In these years I have seen many shocking stories of love and relationships. We keep attracting the same people in different bodies because we are not learning the karmic lessons”

What Are Karmic Relationships?

Karmic relationships are ones that are filled with passion and strong emotions but they are not meant to last. They leave an everlasting impression on our minds, body, and soul. These relationships often reveal hidden parts of ourselves and past wounds that need healing.

What are the signs of Karmic Relationships?

Karmic relationships are often labeled as toxic relationships because they push all our buttons and can get super difficult to handle. These relationships force us to grow on a soul level but that can only happen if we can accept and understand rather than suppress and control.

Here is how you can understand whether it is a karmic relationship or not

1. There is an Instant Connection

Karmic relationships are a reunion of two souls who have already known each other. These souls often have unresolved conflicts in the past and hence they will keep meeting in different ways until these conflicts are resolved and healed.

That is why there may be an instant ‘click’ or you may feel that you have known each other for a long time.

2. They bring out the extreme sides

Karmic relationships can feel like toxic relationships because they can swing you from one extreme to the other. One moment you will feel like you are insanely in love with them and the next moment even their shadow can frustrate the hell out of you.

These extreme emotions and experiences are trying to shake you up and wake you up to some important lessons. They will force you to pay attention to either your own toxic behavioral patterns or teach you how to avoid unhealthy relationship dynamics.

3. Repetitive Patterns

Karmic relationships will keep repeating the same old story until we finally learn and apply the karmic lessons in our lives. This is the reason why karmic relationships eventually end up feeling like toxic relationships.

“I had a client who wanted to move on from her ex-husband. She had been in multiple relationships before her marriage and after her divorce and she felt like she was only attracted to toxic men.

When we finished 2 sessions of past life regression, we learned that she shared a similar dynamic with her father who had passed away a few years back. All her life she craved her father’s approval and was always met with cold indifference from him. The men she dated were the same. They were emotionally unavailable and she believed it was her job to ‘fix them’ or make them love her.

It took some time to heal the wounds of her childhood years and help her recognize her toxic patterns of thinking and behaving.” says Spiritual Healer.

Attracting similar outcomes, people, and experiences in your life can be a strong indication that you are in need of karmic cleansing and freeing yourself from toxic relationships.

4. You feel a strong pull toward them

Karmic relationships share strong chemistry and come with a whole lot of drama. The toxicity almost feels addicting and no matter how much you try you cannot stop thinking about them.

There is a sense of obsession and desperation in karmic relationships. They are showing you how certain attachments can be bad for you and how you need to let go of them and trust a higher power.

5. They bring out the worst you in

Karmic relationships are all about looking into the darker parts of who you are. They will bring a lot of fear, anxiety, guilt, and other strong negative emotions. You can tend to behave in erratic and strange ways and wonder why you are doing that at all.

“Karmic relationships happen for a reason. It forces you to hit rock bottom so you can rise from the ashes again. You can become the best version of yourself after having karmic relations but only if you are willing to heal”

The red flags are glaring like a bulb in the dark but we choose to ignore them because karmic relationships snatch away all common sense. That is why it can get extremely difficult to leave or even to move on from a karmic relationship.

Here Is How Past Life Regression Can Help...

Karmic relationships are the reunion of two souls who carry many unresolved conflicts and resentment towards each other from their past lives. These emotional blockages and conflicts reside in your subconscious mind and impact your feelings, behaviors, decisions, and choices.

Tapping into the subconscious mind can bring them to your conscious awareness. Once you are aware of these karmic lessons, taking active steps to resolve them can help in clearing out your karma and create a space for healthy and loving connections.

Past Life Regression is most effective for karmic cleansing and breaking free from the toxicity of karmic relationships. Here is why past life regression can work for you:

1. It is Safe

Past Life Regression Therapists are trained professionals who know how to access past memories in a safe and secure manner.

They use guided meditation to instill a heightened state of relaxation. Once you are deeply relaxed you can explore the parts of your subconscious mind. Using suggestions, they safely take you through your past life and gently bring you back to the present.

2. Increases your Self-awareness

Karmic relationships can make you feel utterly confused and lost. They force you to question many things about yourself and your life. Past Life Regression brings awareness to these questions because a lot of these answers are stuck in your past.

Being aware of your past life can help you to understand important karmic lessons and how you can learn from them to heal your life.

3. Avoids biases

Past Life Regression Therapists have strong work ethics which means that they operate from a space of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance.

They can give you an unbiased and real insight into your past and help you to become aware of certain truths that are hard but important to accept.

Doing the inner work and karmic cleansing on your own can be difficult because coming face to face with your hidden parts can feel scary and uncomfortable. Working with a trained professional gives you support and proper guidance on how to move on from your past wounds.

4. Relieves You from Past Burdens

In order to break free from karmic relationships, you need to free yourself from the burdens of the past that you have been carrying all along within your soul.

In past life regression, the healing begins as soon as you tap into your subconscious mind and become aware of why you find yourself stuck in karmic relationships. The WHY helps you to understand how you can heal your past wounds, resolve karmic conflicts, and change your ways of thinking and behaving so you can attract healthy and nourishing soul connections.

Past Life Regression has proven to be superbly effective in helping people clear out their karma and move on from karmic relationships. Although these relationships are ‘meant to be’ they are not meant to last.

Staying in karmic relationships for too long can take a serious toll on your health. These relationships are all-consuming and they take a lot from you. The feeling of heartbreak can be intense and terribly depressing.

Hence please gather the courage and self-respect to remove yourself from the toxic equation. Past Life Regression Therapist will support you at each step and be an effective guide in helping you cleanse your karma and relieve yourself from the karmic relationship.

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