Do you have a child, an adult, or an old soul? Past Life Regression helps a man find out his powerful soul journey

5 min readNov 14, 2022

When he came for past life regression therapy, his anxiety and stress were as obvious as the sun during hot afternoons.

“I don’t know… I just can’t take it anymore!” he blurted out.

Daniel is a self-made entrepreneur who has been having a quite successful run in the consumer food industry. He owns a 2BHK apartment in the quiet lanes of Cuffe parade but unlike the quiet streets, his life and mind are pretty busy.

“It is just too much for me. I am having constant anxiety. I feel like I am going to burst at any moment. I cannot handle the stress anymore. It is all too overwhelming”

The past life regression therapist attentively listened to Daniel. He was able to empathize with him and understand his concerns.

Daniel asked him how could past life regression therapy help with his stress and anxiety.

“Daniel, in past life regression you will experience one of your past lives. These visions of your past will be related to key events, relationships, and emotions. They often hold an important lesson that you need to understand in order to heal yourself and create a better present. You may also receive answers from your guardian angels or an ascended version of yourself”

“All right, doc. Let’s do it”

Daniel lay down on a comfortable recliner chair. He closed his eyes and carefully listened to the instructions given by the past life regression therapist. He fell into a deeply relaxed state of mind, and gradually began to see one of his past lives.

Daniel was born as Aasir, a farmer in a small village in Africa. He lived a peaceful life being content with what he had. He seldom experienced any struggles or difficulties in his life. He was a simple man with a simple soul journey.

As Daniel progressed to different life stages in the past life regression therapy, he could understand that his life was plain and simple. His soul had not gained any wisdom or maturity. His soul was similar to a child who has never stepped out of his mother’s arms.

There is a popular belief that our souls have already chosen the kind of life we will live, the experiences and struggles we will have, the relationships we will share, and the purpose that we will follow. The choice is made according to the type of soul you have- Child, Adult, or Old Soul.

A child soul will choose a comfortable and easy life. They seek happiness from the external environment and expect that all their needs and wants should be fulfilled. A child soul will seldom face any major life difficulties because they are not strong enough to handle them. They will be wild, and untamed and demonstrate a gullible attitude toward life.

As the soul moves up in its journey and transcends from a child soul to an adult soul, it will start facing some difficult tests and trials. These lessons are meant to make individuals stronger, wiser, and more in control of their lives.

An old soul is a mature soul who has the power to utilize all the lessons he/she has learned from past lives and apply them to their current life. They have a strong aura around them and possess great wisdom and knowledge about life.

However, when we refuse to learn from these lessons, we are likely to experience great discomfort, negative energies, and obstacles.

This is what was happening to Daniel. His soul was a child soul. It had not faced any struggles or challenges in its past lives and hence lacked the wisdom, maturity, and knowledge to handle present life’s difficult situations.

His soul was going through a great transformation and it demanded emotional and mental strength. Daniel was required to learn how to be resilient, and patient and develop stronger emotional boundaries.

He was facing constant anxiety because the soul wanted him to learn how to manage his anxious thoughts and become more relaxed and calm.

He was facing constant stress because the world wanted him to learn how to tackle life challenges with determination and patience.

These lessons were important for his soul journey. If he learns and follows them then he will be able to achieve the life of his dreams.

Daniel received this deep understanding after doing 2–3 sessions of past life regression.

“The first session itself was deeply relaxing for me. When I woke up from the past life regression I felt more confident in handling my stress and anxiety. It was a seriously enlightening experience for me”

For Daniel, things did not change overnight. He also had to consciously work on the guidance he received when doing past life regression therapy. With the help of the PLR expert, he was able to overcome his stress and anxiety.

“I feel mentally and emotionally stronger. Before even the smallest thing used to trigger me but now I have a carefree attitude. I trust in my ability to create the life I truly desire and not get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. I can vouch that past life regression therapy has transformed my life completely”

With the help of past life regression therapy, Daniel was able to understand his soul journey and what he needs to do in order to achieve a peaceful, happy, and successful present. Just not that, by taking charge of his present life he was also improving his future generations.

To know what past life regression is & how it can help you watch this insightful video

Note: Past life regression therapists are highly trained and skilled professionals who use relaxation techniques and suggestibility to revive and recover memories of your past lives. These memories help you to heal your past traumas, release karmic blockages and resolve any issues that are affecting your present life. They provide remedies that help you to create a purposeful and happy life.

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