Energy Healing for health and wellness.

The endless battle with your waistline

Are you finding it difficult to shed those few extra kilos?

Weight loss can be tough!

Every person’s body in unique — in shape, size and metabolism. Those of us that are blessed with a high metabolism are able to maintain or lose weight easily. But what about those who struggle with their weight?

For anyone who has decided to embark on a weight loss journey, they are faced with endless theories, concepts and techniques. From workouts to diets and weight loss supplements, there is so much to choose from — but on what basis should we choose?

Of course the first point to keep in mind is our body type, metabolic rate and other health factors like medical history. There are many factors such as these that influence our weight loss success — including psychological factors like motivation and consistency.

A lot of us have tried many of these diets and workouts in different combinations but still can’t seem to shed the extra weight and this can be extremely frustrating.

Feeling stressed, anxious, and helpless about not being able to lose weight?

You’re not alone! Sometimes when traditional methods are not giving us the desired results may be its time to think about alternative techniques.

Have you ever heard of energy healing?

Sometimes we can be prevented from getting what we want and achieving our goals due to blockages in our energies.

Working on clearing these energies and opening up the channel s fir good vibrations might be the key to regaining our momentum and to start seeing results in our weight loss journey.

Siddhi Shah is a dynamic energy healer, and she can help you tackle your stubborn weight issues through the art of energy healing.

Siddhii uses two unique modalities for the weight reduction program — Dragon spirit healing and Humkara with Haleem.

Dragon spirits are a source of powerful energies filled with love, peace and transformation. They work for anybody willing to receive divine support. Connecting and working with Dragon spirits on regular basis support tremendously during transition and in faster manifestation of life’s desires. They are gentle yet powerful to keep you focussed and on the right track in your weight loss journey.

Humkara With Haleem uses the transformational powers of Divine energy, mantra energy and the energies of symbols to impact all aspects of the human body, the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies thus heals the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and materialistic aspects of human life.

It particularly works on –

• Removing negative energies and negative habits that might be standing in the way of releasing weight

• Reducing cravings

• Enhancing brain capacity and mental strength

Don’t miss out on this Super incredible way to lose weight !! Siddhii’s work promises not just the body’s undesired weight loss but also the mind’s and emotions’!


📍Meeting ID : 892 3225 1519

📍Passcode : HOLISTIC



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