Healing My Twin Flame Connection Changed Me Forever

I lost him, but I found myself. I was obsessed with fixing our relationship and then I realized I needed to heal myself.

5 min readMay 15, 2024

I consulted the past life regression therapist in September 2023. I had ended my long-term relationship and found it incredibly difficult to grapple with the feeling of loss and emptiness. I had earnestly believed that we were twin flames bound to be together. Seeing a cherished dream shatter was simply too much to bear.

Earl and I met at a music festival. It took a fortnight to fall in love. It was a whirlwind romance, something I had never experienced before. Sure, I had relationships before I met Earl, but this felt entirely different.

Meeting him was like meeting myself. We shared odd similarities and our life paths coincided perfectly. Our energies were in sync with each other, so much that I could understand him without uttering a single word.

Of course, things were not always flowers and rainbows. We faced many storms as well. It forced us to confront our darker sides, reveal toxic traits, and bring up all the wounds that we had buried.

In these 5 years, we swung from one extreme to another. By the end of it, we both were exhausted and confused. We deeply loved each other, but somehow we remained in a state of constant conflict and misunderstandings.

So Earl moved out, and I tried to move on.

The only problem was that I physically couldn’t. I felt like a part of me had been ripped off. There was a deep sense of incompleteness. No matter how hard I tried, this nagging feeling would not go away.

The break-up affected my health. I became more prone to infections, and rapidly lost weight. I also lost interest in my ambitions and career. Honestly, I was running on reserved fuel. I had very little energy to carry on with my life.

The past life regression therapist came as a guiding light. It was a transformative experience that changed the course of my life.

Here’s What Happened During The Sessions

The past life regression therapist created a safe and comforting space that encouraged me to open up about my emotional struggle.

As I conversed with him, revealing everything about my life, I came to a shocking revelation. There was a pattern of toxic dependency in my relationships.

My life revolved around my romantic partners. They would become my only source of happiness. My moods, behavior, and self-identify were heavily influenced by them.

With Earl, initially, I did not have this problem. However, as our relationship progressed I found myself falling back to the same old patterns.

The past life regression therapist told me that these patterns are deep-rooted, and a manifestation of my previous life experiences. By identifying the origin of my problems, I could break free from the negative patterns and build healthy relationships. That was the goal of therapy.

He guided me to my previous lives. He instructed me to recollect memories that would help me understand my current life issues.

In one of my previous lives, I envisioned myself as a young woman. I was in a dimly lit room with a tall male figure. From a small window, I could see a railway station. The man looked at me without a single trace of emotion and then left.

10 minutes later, a lady entered the room. She told me that my father had sold me off for money, and I was indebted to work for her as long as I lived.

The past life regression therapist then snapped his fingers and instructed me to go further into the life of this young woman.

The scene switched and I found myself lying in an open field. I looked happy and content. Beside me was a young man who was slowly caressing my fingers. He showed me two tickets and assured me that he would take me away.

He asked me if I had arranged the money. I nodded and handed him all my life savings. Soon after that, he left with a promise to come tomorrow and take me away.

Tomorrow never came. I waited and waited until I realized that I had been scammed.

The past life regression therapist snapped his fingers and I was back to my present reality.

The next sessions focused on understanding the connections between my previous life experiences and current life problems.

There was a theme of abandonment and rejection in my previous lives. The series of events instilled a deep-rooted belief in my soul that I was unworthy of love.

These beliefs and feelings were carried to my current life. At a subconscious level, I had become fearful of love and anticipated rejection and abandonment. I was unknowingly repeating my past narratives.

Meeting Earl sparked a sense of hope in my soul. However, the unresolved past trauma was too strong. It was embedded in my subconscious mind and manifested as self-sabotaging behaviors and trust issues.

The past life regression therapist helped me to release the stuck-up energies, and consciously make peace with the past. His guidance and techniques helped me to heal the past traumas and practice more trust and faith.

I learned how to be grounded in my present reality and not let the shadows of the past dictate my actions, emotions, and behaviors.

It was challenging but I am grateful for the incredible support and guidance from my past life regression therapist.

As I healed my past wounds, my present became a lot better. I transformed into a new person who was no longer dependent on external relationships for happiness and growth. I chased my dreams, interests, and ambitions rather than waiting for someone to rescue me.

My Story After 6 Months

It has been 6 months since I completed past life regression therapy at Holistic Living Wellness Center. A lot has happened in these months.

I dared to leave my old job and pursue my dream career. My energy levels have improved since I no longer dwell on the past or worry about my future. I have certainly become a more confident and determined woman.

And yes, I am back with Earl. Our relationship has become a lot more peaceful and healthy. We both continually work to improve ourselves and contribute positively to our relationship. By healing our inner wounds, we have found a deeper and more loving connection.

Past Life Regression Therapy did not magically heal my twin flame relationship. It empowered me to look within and heal myself first. I am happy with Earl but most importantly I am happy with myself.




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