How do you find your life purpose?

3 min readJul 27, 2022


I am someone who has high anxiety which means that I have a deep need to control every aspect of my life and predict all the outcomes so I never have to face the dread of anticipation. BUT we all know how life is- pretty unpredictable. You plan and plan, and then God throws curveballs at you. Kind of like your plans are bowling pins and God loves to bowl. Haha!

However, in retrospect, these curveballs were blessings that guided me on my right path.

I used to believe that life without a purpose is pointless. In order to live, we need to understand and know our purpose. This belief started feeling like an unnecessary obligation, and I felt useless and unworthy because I just could not understand what is my life purpose. I despised people who seemed to have it all together. But that was just me projecting my fears on them.

I discussed this with my friend who also happens to be a life coach. I warned him not to bore me with the cliché statements like ‘what makes you get out of your bed’ or ‘You can do it if you set your mind on it. I had already read them on Instagram and watched a hundred videos on YouTube but they never helped. What he told next was shocking, comforting, and inspiring. I will try to quote him in his exact words. He said:

Many clients come to me because they want to find a life purpose. Honestly, I believe that being ambitious in life is a bit overrated.

We are all so focused on the bigger picture that we fail to realize the small difference we make in our everyday lives that are actually the reason why big things happen.

Who is to say that you have not served your purpose already?

The lady you smiled on the local train, what if she was having a bad day and your simple gesture created space for positivity in her heart? You served your purpose here, didn’t you?

Or let’s say you ordered from a small business that was not receiving any orders for a long time. Maybe you helped them gain their confidence back with just one order?

So listen to me. The fact that you are alive right now is because you ARE serving a purpose. And the cherry on the cake is that you are one of those people who wants to make a difference, who strive each day to become a better person.

Trust me that is a great start and when you have clear and right intentions life will present you with the right opportunities. You will take some and miss out on some, and that is okay.

His words resonated with me so well. It almost lifted up this heavy burden I had on my head. Having a life purpose is beautiful, but it is also important to remember that we all are unique individuals. We all serve a purpose by simply being alive.



But let that be effortless. Create strong intentions and then let life bring opportunities that will transform your intentions into actions.

This is true and it has really worked for me. I am receiving things that I have always wished for. I am on a path that makes me feel happy and content.

I have not reached my destination but I am learning to enjoy the journey.




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