I Tried Energy Healing- This Is How It Boosted My Confidence

5 min readNov 26, 2022

Lift your hands and pretend that you are holding an invisible ball. Close your eyes and channel all your focus on the space between your two hands. Once you have done that, slowly move your hands in circular motions. You will feel a strange tingling sensation or pull in your fingers and palms.

What you were feeling right now was energy. Everything in this world possesses an energy or auric field. When it comes to human beings, the energies are stored in the 7 chakras and each chakra performs specific functions.

Any disturbance or imbalance in the energy field of these 7 chakras can give rise to physical, mental, and emotional health issues.

For instance, if you are finding it difficult to communicate or express your feelings then it may be possible that your throat chakra is blocked. These blocked energies may result in sore throat, thyroid issues, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem.

Energy healers will use their healing practices to open or balance the blocked chakras and heal your life.

Nitin’s life was pretty mundane. He did his regular 9 to 5 job and came back home only to stare at the television box placed oddly in the middle of his 2BHK room. After that, he brushes his teeth, wears his checkered boxers, and plops in his bed.

Then begins the real battle. The battle of his mind where he fights with his thoughts to win the reward of peaceful sleep. However, on most nights his thoughts get the better of him and he lies wide awake thinking and overthinking about everything in his life.

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Nitin never detoured from his regular way of living. He spent his school and college days being the ‘shy boy’ who could never raise his hand even when he knew the answer perfectly.

He would remain on the sidelines and watch others steal the show. But deep in his heart, Nitin wanted to be a part of the crowd too. He wanted to let go of the demons that constantly kept telling him that he will fail and that he is not good enough.

Unfortunately, for a major chunk of his life, Nitin lacked the confidence he needed to take charge and create the life of his dreams. As a result, he ended up becoming a mediocre man who never had the courage to explore his strengths, stand out from the crowd or even talk to the girl he loved.

So, here is Nitin now, in his lonely apartment, binging on last night’s Chinese and watching A-rated movies. If only he had the confidence to be who he really is and shine amidst the busy crowds, his life could have been different.

He could be married to his crush and probably be a father by now.

He could be the senior manager of his company and earn a lot of money.

He could be having an amazing social circle where he is desired and welcomed.

He could….

But for how long Nitin would have dwelled on the ‘what ifs’ and ‘could beens?’

One night scrolling through Instagram he saw a story of a man who had taken energy healing and how it boosted his confidence. Ever since that his life had taken a positive turn and now he lives in abundance, bliss, and success.

For some reason, that reel got stuck in Nitin’s head because it was so damn relatable. He wanted to be the master of his own life as well and the thought of wasting away his precious years triggered him so much that he finally decided to do something about his lack of confidence.

He searched for energy healing around his area and booked a session for the next week. Just that one action filled him with a sense of hope and a newfound confidence. He could not wait to see what would happen after energy healing!

On 24h July, Sunday he met his energy healer. The energy healer had a very comforting aura and immediately put Nitin at ease. His voice was clear and soft but highly impactful.

Nitin felt safe to talk about his life experiences and how he has struggled witty a lack of confidence all his life. He even shared the fact that he hates to look at himself in the mirror because he is not proud of the life he is created.

The energy healer closed his eyes and invited the divine energies to guide him. He could sense a great imbalance and blockages in Nitin’s heart and throat chakras. His energies were highly disturbed and influenced by others’ negative opinions and judgments.

Nitin needed to release these blocked energies so that he can attract positivity and confidence in his life.

The next few sessions of energy healing focused on clearing the stress and anxiety that was fixated on Nitin’s subconscious mind and conscious reality.

“In the first session itself, I felt relaxed and calm. The constant chatter in my head had reduced and I felt a little more excited about life. Then in the next sessions, I could feel my heart literally opening up to the beauty of life.

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That dark cloud hovering over my head was disappearing. I felt lighter, calmer, and more confident about myself” shares Nitin.

Nitin’s heart and mind were constantly filled with negative energies that stopped him from experiencing his authentic life and took away his confidence. He used to be stressed and anxious about everything.

Energy Healing helped to clear these energies and reduce his stress and anxiety. This renewed energy and enthusiasm allowed Nitin to live life fearlessly and with full confidence.

It has been 5 months since Nitin experienced the power of Energy Healing. He believes that he is finally living the life of his dreams. He can easily connect and communicate with others, he is confident to express his ideas and opinions, and does not shy away from talking to women.

“Energy Healing helped me to become who I really am. It boosted my confidence and just changed my life. I am grateful to my energy healer. The whole experience was life-transforming” says Nitin.

Energy healing has the power to change your life forever. It helps to overcome stress, remove negative energies, and bring great abundance and love into your life.

The best part about energy healing practices is that you can learn them too and apply them in your life. Now that is truly life-transforming and gives you the power to create a life you truly desire.

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