Inner Power Blueprint by Sandeep Nath.

Every living organism has a source of energy that is the protagonist of a natural dimension of its existence and serves as nourishment. It is more essential than food, but it is also contained in it. Prana, Chi, Qi, Ki nam, and Ruhag are some of the names given to this type of energy that can be found inside of us and anywhere.

Unfortunately, the modern cultural notion of the human being and how life works still does not place enough emphasis on this aspect of our health, preferring to focus on resources and knowledge in order to gain external power or material benefits.

Harvesting your Inner Power necessitates awareness of this source of energy that provides health to our physical bodies, strength and tranquilly to our minds, and transparency to our hearts, as the flow of this prana, when balanced, allows us to be ourselves synchronized with the flow of life, expanding our potentialities in harmony. You will also gain the true bravery to face your destiny, not through ego, but by faith in the Universe’s ability to support you.

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Inner Power Blueprint: Discover your Inner Power to Take Charge of your life.!!

On 17th August 2021 at 8:30Pm-10:00Pm (IST)

A Session by Mr. Sandeep Nath, the founder of RENEWALISM, an international Reiki Grand master, Business Qigong guide, Mindfulness coach, and Author of two books.

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Once you start experiencing energy, there is no further proof required for its existence.

The Inner Power Blueprint outlines how to start using this energy to fortify your intention and intuition — so that you can redefine your life based on your “vibes” about everything.

Inside the Inner Power Blueprint you will discover concepts, exercises, and meditations, which will blow your mind away.


• REFRAME any situation and permanently alter how your mind perceives it

• INVESTIGATE new conditioning and thought patterns.

• VISUALIZE with the power that Tibetan Lamas use to invoke high energy states

• MEDITATE in less than 5 minutes a day & even in movement

• ACTIVATE your new habits so they serve you for personal and professional growth

• ALIGN body-mind-spirit so you can remain in powerful equanimity ,in every situation.

Unleash your inner power and take charge of your life now!



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