Where to Find the Best Past Life Regression Therapists in Mumbai?

4 min readMar 12, 2024

The Holistic Living Wellness Studio in Mumbai has partnered with top Past Life Regression Therapists. They have profound spiritual knowledge and adequate counseling skills to provide the client with a holistic experience.

With years of experience and expertise in the field of past life regression therapy (PLRT), these therapists stand out as the best past life regression therapists in Mumbai.

What to Expect in PLRT?

The past life regression therapists will use certain techniques to help you reach a deeply relaxed and focused state of mind. Once you are in a state of high awareness, the therapists will give you relevant prompts and suggestions to explore your previous lives and understand the origin of your issues.

Many people report seeing vivid scenes of their past lives including their relationships, homes, surroundings, and smells. It is the most surreal experience that will increase your self-awareness and help you understand the connection between your present problems and memories.

The past life regression therapist then thoroughly studies your situation and provides a combination of healing and counseling depending on your issues.

For instance, Rekha had accumulated karmic debt that was causing issues in her relationships. The past life regression therapist helped her release the negativity attached to her and gave her healing remedies for stronger protection. He also counseled Rekha regarding her nature and personality traits that were consciously ruining her relationships.

When to Seek Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is effective in resolving many issues including:

Unexplained Fears or Phobias: If you have irrational fears or phobias that seem to have no apparent cause in your current life, past life regression therapy can help explore if they have roots in past experiences.

Recurring Relationship Patterns: If you face similar challenges or conflicts in relationships repeatedly, past life regression may unveil patterns or unresolved issues from previous lifetimes affecting your present connections.

Persistent Health Issues: When facing chronic health problems with no clear origin, past life regression could provide insights into any past traumas or events that may be contributing to your current physical or emotional challenges.

Strong Unexplained Emotions: Intense and unexplained emotions, such as overwhelming sadness or unexplained joy, could be connected to past life experiences. Past life regression may help uncover the source of these emotions.

Unexplained Talents or Skills: If you possess talents or skills without any apparent explanation or training in your current life, past life regression therapy might reveal whether these abilities have been carried over from past lifetimes.

Curiosity or Spiritual Growth: If you have a strong interest in exploring your spiritual side or feel curious about past lives, regression therapy can be a tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

Remember to approach the therapy with an open mind and only under the guidance of trained and experienced past life regression therapists.


The Holistic Living Wellness Studio in Mumbai is renowned for its past life regression therapy. 95% of our clients have found effective and lasting solutions for their problems and found explicit improvement in their relationships, careers, and health.

“It’s been great working with Mr Mittal at Holistic Living Therapy Centre on clarity of my mind. Each session was well planned to take me a step closer to understanding myself better in a new perspective Therapy sessions helped me to look within my own self and work towards changing my habits and behaviour. I feel much more in peace now and sleep has improved a lot. Also, I must say that the ambiance of the place is very soothing and the team is very flexible with their timings”

– Ms. Reshma

I can’t express how grateful I am for the incredible experience I’ve had with Mr. Mittal. From the very first consulting session, which took place on December 26th, I knew I was in capable hands. I came to him with a list of challenges, and by the sixth session, I couldn’t believe the transformation I had undergone. I am now genuinely enjoying my life and living in the present moment.

Through Mr. Mittal’s guidance, I have gained a deep understanding of my insecurities and have become more proactive in taking action and committing to my goals, whether they are related to relationships or personal aspirations. His knowledge and expertise are exceptional, and his ability to connect with his clients authentically is truly remarkable.

I am truly grateful for the positive impact these sessions have had on my life. If you are seeking guidance and support, I highly recommend Mr. Mittal without hesitation. Look no further — he is the one you should see!!!”

-Ms. Ruchi

“I entered Sanjeev’s clinic at the beginning of December quite sad and depressed. I wasn’t sure what I was to do in life with so many expectations and a feeling of a general low in life. However, all of that changed with the many sessions I had with the therapist The sessions were calm and peaceful. It opened within me a pandora of opportunities that were already residing in my being. It gave me clarity in life and I became more confident, relaxed, and happy”


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How to Book a Session?

To book a session with top past life regression therapists in Mumbai Call/WhatsApp 91–9321073548. Or CLICK THIS LINK to avail a 10-minute Free consultation with an expert PLR Therapist.

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